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My “MTV Spring Break” Themed Birthday Party

This year I turned 40! It has been a year full of joy as well as heartache. My daughter was born at the beginning of the year and shortly after her birth I lost one of the people I was closest to in this world, my beloved grandmother.

Its been a hard year. Lots of emotions and lots of awareness of the fragility of life. Early in the year, I knew I would not be capable of planning a birthday party for myself because I had a newborn, was going through a grieving process, and honestly at the time did not feel like celebrating. 

I had a feeling that with time, my mood may change, so I reached out to friend and event planner Kimberly Brown with Tasteworthy Events to help plan and coordinate a party for me. For years I have been wanting to do a throwback, beached themed pool party that was reminiscent of MTV Spring Break. However, each year I pushed it back due to Covid, then Pregnancy. So, I thought what would be more fitting than to do it for my 40th

I shared my vision with Kimberly, and she ran with it, turning my MTV Spring Break pool party into a reality!

I can honestly say that this was by far the most fun I had probably had since my own wedding almost ten years ago! While it was a blazing 105 degrees the weather didn’t stop so many amazing friends from coming out to celebrate with me, and my entire backyard was transformed into a true MTV Spring Break atmosphere. The music was everything I hoped it could’ve been, playing all my favorite hits from the late 90’s to early 2000’s to the décor, food, and most importantly the people!

Here’s a look at the specific details from the party:


Guests entered our side gate to get to the backyard where they were greeted with bright colorful balloons, and a photo backdrop of me in a 90’s themed swimsuit. Guests were able to take photos there before walking into the backyard.


My backyard was transformed into bright colors that were reminiscent of the 90’s with fitted tablecloths for bar height tables, a bar with a custom skin that highlighted the event as my “Kickback” party, and signage everywhere calling out “MT40.”

We transformed my outdoor couch with bright pink cushion covers from Temu and custom MT40 throw pillows. 

In the pool we had custom floating signs that also called out MT40 and beach balls. A white dancefloor with columns was erected with the same logo. 


The real showstopper was the “beach boutique” that was erected for party favors. Guests could step inside and pick out items from beach bags to flip flops, sunblock, sunglasses, and treats like popcorn and cotton candy. 

We had custom pool towels near the outdoor bathroom that matched the “Liz’s Kickback” logo that guests could use to dry off after hanging in the pool.  


We served heavy appetizers and hired a local chef so that we did not have to worry about refilling food throughout the party. The menu included an action station of custom quesadillas, and macaroni and cheese, charcuterie cups, mini crab cakes, and shrimp bruschetta. 

We hired a bartender and purchased our own alcohol to save on cost. We selected a few drink recipes as “custom drinks” that people could order with fun names of 90’s songs and offered standard drinks upon request.  


I hired my longtime makeup artist Erica Lashay from EyesbyErica to do a makeup look that was complimenting as well as fun. I wore my hair in my signature “half up-half down” style that I used to wear, and did three swimsuit changes throughout the night. The first which was hands down my favorite was a suit from Ta3. If you haven’t tried these suits yet, you are missing out! It literally hugged in all the right places and reminded me of Spanx, only better because it could get wet. I felt so confident with everything hugged in, in my bright magenta and black swimsuit. 

I then continued the evening by changing into a bright pink and sequin swimsuit from Shein and then a two piece with a complimenting skirt coverup from Swimshy.

As I mentioned, hands down the best part were the people. I felt so loved and appreciative of everyone who came out and celebrated with me. I had friends and family that especially flew in, as well as so many local that showed up. I hadn’t danced and partied so hard in years, and it truly reminded me that even in the midst of challenging days, it’s so very important to celebrate life.  

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