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Before devoting my time to creating engaging content, I was a marketing strategist for a Fortune 500 company. Like many women on the journey of motherhood, I sought ways to make life more magical and launched Authentically Amber blog where we have engaged. .

More than 32,000 viewers in the past 90 days.

With partnerships ranging from Kohl’s to other industry leaders, I’ve learned the art of weaving emotions, experiences, and products into captivating content to engage and inspire my readers.

With every collaboration, I strive to create content that is relatable, impactful, and resonates with my audience. Let’s create authentic content that speaks to your audience on a personal level!

As a motherhood and travel blogger, I’ve built genuine connections with a diverse community of women.


94% Female

23% Between the ages of 18-24

34% Between the ages of 25-34

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