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This is not Perfectland.

authentically amber family kids hospital visit this is not perfectland

I often post pictures on social media of our little family, cute things the boys do, my husband and I on date night, etc. We all love to be seen at our best, I think that’s natural; however, I know it’s just as important to see us at our worst, or not so perfect because let’s face it, ladies, this is not perfectland. It’s been a rough week for me, last week RG had croup and was still recovering, Deuce, all of a sudden, started regressing from potty training, I had started the Daniel Fast with my church, so I was hungry, cranky, and going through sugar withdrawals.  

I dropped Deuce off at school and rushed home so I could get some work done, and as soon as I pulled into the driveway, I heard a loud hissing sound, I checked my tires, and sure enough, there was a huge nail that had punctured through my back right tire. I had to call Triple-A and arrange for someone to come out and put the spare on, then drive 50mph (in Texas where everyone drives a minimum of 80mph!) to Costco to get the tire repaired. By the time I got back home, I had just enough time to eat my Daniels Fast salad without real dressing (yippee), and then head back to pick Deuce up. When I arrived, as he ran to me, I noticed he had on an old faded T-shirt from his old swim school and sweats that were so tight and high up on his ankles they looked like leggings. The dreaded “back-up” outfit that clearly I had not refreshed in his backpack for several months. His teacher expressed that he had multiple accidents, which led to the very last resort outfit being placed on him …

Later that evening, after feeding both boys dinner, I gave them their usual bath. As a part of my routine, I always wash both boys, then I take the youngest (RG) out and get him dried and dressed, then I get Deuce out and do the same. This allows Deuce a little extra time to play in the bath, and I can hear him since the bathroom is adjacent to the room. As I was changing RG on the changing table, I hear Deuce call out, “Mommy! Come!” I yell back, “Deuce, I’m putting RG’s Pajamas on, I will be there as soon as I finish.” Apparently, that was not fast enough/ reassuring enough because he took it upon himself to get out of the tub without me, did not grab his towel that was within arms reach, and walked soaking wet from the bathroom towards his room. He immediately slipped and face planted on the hardwood floor. He screamed and began crying, I still had RG on the changing table, so I ran and quickly grabbed him, wrapped him in a towel and held him over the changing table to ensure RG did not fall over. Once he calmed down, I placed him on the floor in front of the changing table, I literally turned my body just a smidge to put him down, and RG kicked his leg over and immediately fell off the changing table and came crashing down on his right shoulder and began screaming. 

I panicked, picked him up, didn’t know if I should call 911, didn’t know if anything was broken, and then decided to take him to Urgent Care. I dressed both boys and put them in the car and headed down the street. Thankfully, after being observed, nothing was broken, and he was okay. I, of course, was shaken up and felt awful, pretty much like the worst mom in the world.

This picture is of the three of us waiting for the doctor to come in. I’m sharing this to be transparent, this is not Perfectland ladies. Clearly, I’m not the perfect mom and definitely won’t be getting a mother of the year award in 2020 lol. What I am, what we all are, is human. We are all learning as we go, I often tell other moms to “give yourself grace” and on days like this one, I have to remind myself of that, particularly when I feel I don’t deserve it or should’ve done things differently. What I AM learning while doing the Daniel Fast, is having a little bit of peace and reminding myself of the things I can be grateful for, as God goes before us and orchestrates our paths. My tire could’ve gone flat anywhere, but thankfully I was at home and was blessed to have Triple-A to come out to fix it quickly. Costco only took about 45 min to change my tire, so I was not late picking Deuce up (another blessing). We were the only ones in the pediatric urgent care waiting room, and they took us back in less than 5 minutes once registered, so the entire visit took less than 40 min, and we were back home in less than an hour from the incident (MAJOR blessing). This is not perfectland ladies, but it’s the battlefield in which many of us were called. What was your craziest day, where you felt like you were struggling as a mom? 

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    April 27, 2020 at 11:17 pm

    Welcome to motherhood. You totally are mom of the year in my book. I think we all have had one of those days or maybe two three… Thanks for sharing and being the authentic Amber that you are.

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    Robyn Gant
    April 29, 2020 at 12:43 am

    I love your faith in God and your acknowledgment of Him throughout your challenges of Mommy hood. Though we strive to be perfect, the accidents and ‘detours’ in our lives are purposeful and allow us to learn from them as well as continue to give Thanks to God for grace and continued blessings. Excellent blog! Looking forward to reading more.

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