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The Story Behind the Card: Our 2020 Minted Christmas Card

authentically amber minted christmas cards review

What a year! Whether you are sending Christmas cards out for the first time this year or send them every year, I hope you had a chance to read my post a couple of months ago, “The Busy Mama’s Guide to Getting Christmas Cards Out.”

This year has been a roller coaster for many of us, so the Christmas cards I sent out were even that much more special to me. After going so many months without seeing many family and friends, along with canceled and postponed trips and plans, I wanted a card that would bring those that we love that are far away somehow closer.

The Theme: “Home for Christmas”

With so many Christmas “mini” sessions available, we usually choose a great outdoor setting with the beautiful Texas landscape as our backdrop. This year, however, I wanted things to be a little more intimate as a way of bringing everyone closer. I decided that there would be no setting more perfect and more authentic than our actual home. I wanted to invite family and friends into our home through photos, even if we couldn’t see each other in person.

The Prep Work:

As I recommended in The Busy Mama’s Guide…, I selected my top five designs from Minted before our photo session. I shared my vision and card selections with our photographer Willie & Kim, in advance of the session. Ironically, the one that was also my favorite was the one that caught his eye that he even thought would work well, so I knew it was meant to be!

After planning wardrobe options that would align with our home holiday décor, we were ready to go! Like any good mother, I bribed my kids with McDonald’s for lots of smiles, enduring tight bowties, and cooperation. We scheduled the shoot for 4 pm, a good time between being fully awake after naps and not being too tired and cranky for bed.

Photo by Willie & Kim Photography (

We did our shoot at the beginning of November to give ourselves ample time to get the photos back, order cards, and get them out by the very beginning of December. 

The Minted Process:

Once our photos came in, I revisited my favorite design just to be sure it was what I wanted to do this year, and ultimately, it was the perfect fit!

Unlike years past, when I’ve typically done front and back cards, I chose a booklet™, which allowed me a little more room to write some of my thoughts and well wishes out to our family and friends. 

I chose a cream color because I thought it went well with our formal attire and our Christmas décor.

The booklet™ allowed me to share all the things going on with our family in 2020. It also highlighted our little boys Deuce and RG and included a letter in the beginning, which was an excellent opportunity to wish others Merry Christmas.

I selected photos that highlighted our entire family, but most importantly, the joy on our boy’s faces, which were the things I felt most important to share for those that we wouldn’t see in person.

While the finished product looked classic and robust, the process of making this card design my own was simple and easy through Minted. I was able to upload all of my favorite photos as well as to enlarge them where needed. I could type everything directly onto the card and see what it would look like in real-time.

After uploading my addresses and selecting my envelope design, I was all set! Here is a video that shows my Christmas cards’ unboxing and the straightforward steps I use to stuff and send!

If you want to send out Christmas cards but haven’t gotten started, it’s not too late! Check out Minted and the various options they have for both Christmas and New Years’ cards, including full-service options to address, stuff, and mail your cards for you.

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    Asia Lockett
    December 8, 2020 at 6:12 pm

    Beautiful card!!! As always, thank you for sharing!

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