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A Spectacular Superhero Birthday Bash!

Anyone that knows me, knows that I usually make a pretty big deal about my boys birthdays. This past year they turned 3 and 5. As I’m constantly told by parents who have been through this stage in life is that it goes fast. I enjoy making these special moments for my kids in hopes that they will one day remember, and as they get older and life gets a little harder, they will remember to celebrate those important moments and milestones, because they truly do go by fast. 

Well, this past year was no different, since Deuce and RG’s birthdays are exactly 20 days apart, I have begun doing joint celebrations which means more kids, but also a more efficient combined budget! In 2020 we did their first joint party which was a Brochella outdoor festival which was covid-friendly. If I’m being completely honest, that party and all of the festivities of the fall and winter months really burned me out. So in 2021 I decided to do something different, but equally spectacular. 

One of the things about November birthdays is that the weather in Texas is completely unpredictable. It can be a beautiful sunny day, 80 degrees, or cold and rainy and 40 degrees! You just never know. There have been multiple years where I gambled with the weather, including with Brochella, and praying the blood of Jesus that it did not rain! While it didn’t, it was very windy and all of my hard work with DIY festival tabletop tents were not used because the wind kept blowing them away. 

I decided the next year we would do something indoors for peace of mind. We hosted RG’s first birthday in doors at our home as well. The challenge however, is as the boys get older and make more friends at school, we don’t have enough room in our home for both sets of friends, games, activities etc. 

I started looking for venues that could hold at least 30 children, but could also be a magical and fun space that wouldn’t mind me being a bit over the top and would also help me bring my vision to life. 

After weeks of looking, I stumbled across a gem KreativeKidzPartyz. Not only did they have the perfect private space, but they managed every party detail from beginning to end, which was a HUGE blessing to me during the busiest time of year. 

Here are some of the other things I loved about KreativeKidsPartyz and why I selected this venue:

  • The space was 100 percent private for our event. With ongoing pandemic concerns, I liked the idea of the party place being one in which only our children and their guests would have access to. 
  • They offered a superhero theme which was of course what my boys wanted, but they had tons of options to help bring my vision to life, and were super accommodating.
  • Tons of party add-on options. From balloon animals, to face painting, they had plenty of additional party options to keep kids entertained. 
  • They offered a professional photographer and keepsake photo book (add-on) as an option, which was right up my alley! I could enjoy the party without focusing on taking tons of photos, or getting behind on a memory book. 
  • The location was centrally located in plano which worked well for us with guests coming from across the metroplex. 
  • They offered us the option of bringing in our own food and beverage (this is something I always look for in a venue, as it helps with cost). 
  • Superhero costumes for all children were provided for the kids to dress in during the party. 

So here is how we put together a massive Super Hero Celebration for my sweet boys:

The venue had multiple rooms, one being the “cake room” and the other was the activity room where the kids got the opportunity to play games and activities with Spiderman, Wonder Woman, and Bat Girl. 


After signing their waiver, each kid entered into an entry room with an indoor bounce house. All of the kids got to jump around the bounce house while waiting for the party to begin. This was a perfect ice breaker for 3 and 5 year olds and I think it also helped my boys get their “birthday jitters” out. 


What I loved about the cake room is that it was one of those blank canvases where they offered a ton of existing décor. Superhero décor from centerpeices, and backdrops and decor, and then I could go crazy on top of that with my extras to create a magical space. We added balloons to each chair, individual double sided capes and masks on each chair for every child to take home as a parting gift. 

We had individual super hero cakes with the boys favorite characters on them, and the kiddos got to choose their favorite flavor. 

For lunch, we did pizza, chik-fi-la nuggets, and then individual cups of fruit for the kids. 

We had a popcorn bar full of delicious popcorn flavors – Rainbow and Chicago Mix for each of the kids to take home.

As a parent of young boys, I know that kid parties can become exhausting. So I always try to do a little something for the parents to show appreciation for them bringing their kids to the party. 

We had a mimosa and coffee bar for all of the super parents!

In addition, we provided chik-fi-la wraps  and fruit for the parents as well for lunch. 


The kids first entered the activity room and got to select their favorite superhero costume to wear while fighting crime with Spiderman, Superwoman and Bat Girl. 

The kids enjoyed tons of games both inside the room and in the adjacent outside area since the weather was cool but sunny. They played multiple games, like searching for objects, helping superheroes fight crime, and “freeze.” It was a great way for them to get all of their energy out and the smiles on all of the kids faces were priceless. 


In addition to the capes, and popcorn, each child left with a favor provided by the venue. Boys received a super hero piggy bank and activity book. Girls received a Wonder Woman book and lip gloss. I made small sacks of goodies to accompany their items including super hero themed cookies, apple sauce, wash cloths, temporary tattoos, and hand sanitizer. 

All in all it was a magical birthday experience for my boys and also a blessing for me as I was able to just show up and enjoy the party with them! While life isn’t perfect, it was a perfect party moment, and I hope they remember it as they grow. 

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