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McAlister’s Warming Up the Community

As we begin the month of November, I’ve been thinking more and more about how I can help my boys grasp at a young age the importance of giving. I also have the monumental task of teaching them that the world is more significant than our home, and many, many people have needs. My boys are nearly 4 and 2, so they can’t understand the full concepts yet around such topics. However, my 4-year-old is starting to grasp some needs in the simplest forms, such as hunger.  

We have participated in a charitable organization’s lunch packing program now for a couple of months. The plan changed due to Covid-19; however, all volunteers were asked to pack prepackaged lunch goods in brown paper bags and then drop them off at the site location. This change created an excellent opportunity for me to have Deuce help more with the packing.

Before we began packing the lunch sacks, I simply explained to him, “we are packing these to give to people who don’t have food.” It was easy enough for him to understand.

Now that we are in the season of Thanksgiving, I’ve been considering more ways to get involved and help others in need. When I was approached a few weeks ago about participating in a McAlister’s Deli program, I couldn’t have been more thrilled. Especially with the opportunity to help bring awareness of how we can all do some specific things to help fight hunger and help those less fortunate. 

Throughout November, McAlister’s Deli has partnered with Meals on Wheels America to provide warm meals to seniors around the holidays. Meals on Wheels America is a great non-profit organization that supports senior citizens on a local level by providing them with meals delivered to their homes. This meal-delivery program benefits the physical need of hunger and the emotional connection of interaction for many seniors who feel alone (especially around the holidays). Lastly, it supports the safety need of having someone drop in and check on a senior who lives alone to ensure they are safe and healthy and maintain their independence.

As a non-profit, Meals on Wheels thrives on donations, and so an effortless way that you can make a huge difference is to visit McAlister’s Deli and order a bowl of soup! From November 1 – 30th, McAlister’s Deli will donate 10 cents for every bowl of soup sold to Meals on Wheels America to support their efforts and reduce hunger and senior isolation. (Third-party delivery and catering are not included.)

This time of year, as temperatures drop in the 40’s at night, my husband and RG both LOVE soup! Rather than spend hours in the kitchen to make their favorites, we will be going to McAlister’s this month to buy theirs. It’s a great feeling to know that the simple act of ordering a bowl of soup from Mcalister’s can help someone outside of our home. 

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    Asia Lockett
    November 4, 2020 at 5:53 pm

    Another great idea! Thank you for sharing.

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