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Happy Fall, Y’all!
Budget-Friendly Decorating Tips

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Ahhh, can you smell the apples and cinnamon sticks, and pumpkin spice in the air? I can! It’s crazy; Texas is usually still around 100 plus degrees throughout the entire month of September. However, this year we were blessed with a temperature drop in early September, which made my annual fall decorating even more appropriate!

With our new pool this summer, we had a blast enjoying the backyard all summer long, but I’ll be honest, there is just something special about bringing in the season and decorating your home.

Even though it’s still relatively warm out, my feeling is that if I’m going to go through all of the decorating efforts, I want to enjoy it for a reasonable amount of time. I usually put up my fall decorations right after Labor Day, so that we can get a solid two months out of them before transitioning into my very favorite (CHRISTMAS!!!).

One of my philosophies on decorating is to work with the space you have and enhance it with seasonal décor. I try to keep things low cost yet complimenting, so here’s a look at what I did this year and my tips and tricks for low-cost fall decorating:

Take advantage of “after-season” sales.

This is a big one for me. I went from being a single gal in a small condo to married and renting a small house, to two kids and a much larger home in a few short years. Rome wasn’t built in a day, and you can’t make your entire fall décor arsenal in one year without spending a ton. Every year I take advantage of retailers’ clearance sales for fall after Thanksgiving and store them for the next year. It makes me excited when the season comes around the following year, and I’ve got brand new items that I may have even forgotten about, ready to decorate with.

The boys and I painted these adorable “FALL” letters from Hobby Lobby that I purchased last year after the holiday for 70% off.

Check out this video with all of the details and a great example of involving young kiddos in the decorating:

Try to work with your space and not against it.

This is my cardinal rule. Not all of the rooms in my house blend and work well with traditional fall colors of deep browns, oranges, and greens, so I try to set up mini-themes in each room based on the color scheme. For example, my great room has some focal pieces that are aqua. Instead of adding seasonal colors that would clash, I look for seasonal items that will blend.

I opted for these simple white and gold pumpkins in the great room to bring in a hint of fall while still meshing with the room.

Layer in Fall Décor.

This not only blends well with your home and your style, but it also is more cost-effective. For example, instead of purchasing a full fall-themed table setting, opt for fun plates or bowls that you can layer on top of your everyday tableware. My boys love these fun pumpkin bowls I purchased from JCPenney a few years ago. Deuce, at age 3, is old enough now to help me set them on the table and enjoys doing it.

To complete my fall table look, I added in an old vase that I use year-round and just changed out the silk flowers to some leftover ones I had from my wreath project, some candle holders from Hobby Lobby, and these cute owl salt and pepper shakers from Dollar Tree.

Choose Decorative Pillow Cases & Coverings, over Decorative Pillows

I love throw pillows. Even though my boys throw them around and use them as weapons towards each other, I still love pretty pillows. At night when I put them to sleep, I enjoy putting them all back in place and enjoying them for the few minutes that my house looks in order and pristine while they are sleeping!

If you already have throw pillows in your home, look for fall pillowcases and covers to cover your existing pillows rather than spending more on decorative pillows that are not only expensive but also big and bulky to store.

This year, when I went to Hobby Lobby, my heart almost skipped a beat y’all! Look at these pillow wraps and pillow covers. They were all 50% off and the perfect addition to our great room.

A few years ago, I also purchased these outdoor pillow covers from Amazon. At the time, I didn’t have any pillows to cover them with, so I bought the ugliest clearance pillows I could find for about $3 and covered them with these cute covers for our rocking chairs.

Choose real pumpkins over fake ones.

When looking for pumpkins to accentuate both my front door and porch, I was surprised at the price of fake plastic pumpkins. I got some very simple white pumpkins and small pumpkin/squash combos at Walmart for a fraction of the cost. Although these will only last for one year, I like the idea of involving my boys and letting them “help” pick out our pumpkin.

What are some of the fall traditions in your home? How do you involve your kiddos?

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