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This past weekend we had our annual Pumpkin Patch visit with the kids. We chose Hall’s Pumpkin Farm as its sort of become our family tradition. There are a lot of Pumpkin Patch options where we live in North Texas but here is why we continue to choose Halls:

Great Photo Options:

They have tons of vignettes all around which create great photo ops for the whole family. The entire set up is lovely and picturesque, they even change it up each year so you’ve got some different options. 

Affordable Pumpkins:

I purchased these ginormous pumpkins which ranged from $10-12 each. I was able to do some fun things with them in our front yard. 

Family Friendly:

Fun play areas for kids so there’s more to do and see in addition to pumpkins.

Annual Family Photo:

I’m definitely sentimental and nostalgic, but there’s nothing like taking a photo each year with the year up top to see how our family has grown and changed. That’s definitely one thing I love about Halls is taking our photo under their official sign with the year. 


If you read my post from last year Visiting a Pumpkin Patch in a Covid Era things have definitely changed since then. Here are a few:

Entry Price:

The entrance price has changed to Adults and Kids 12 and over – $15, Kids 4 to 11 – $15 and Kids 3 and under – Free (CASH ONLY – but there is an ATM if you don’t have cash). 

I did hear some complaints from attendees as we were walking up about the increase in price. However, the Corn Maze was included in addition to some changes to the kids area which I’ll talk about below. All in all, I felt the price was justified for the total experience and the photo ops. 

Kids Area:

They beefed up the kids area this year. Instead of integrating the playground or tires into the pumpkin patch near the Corn Maze, they created an entire kids area experience which was a lot of fun! There was a play area with the playset, play houses, chairs and tables for adults, ice cream and treats booth, and mini petting zoo. This was a great place to allow the kids to just run wild and get tired. 

Hand Washing Stations:

They had hand washing stations set up in the kids area which I thought was a GREAT idea, in addition to the hand sanitizing stations they had last year. 


I’ll be honest, we live in Texas and its HOT in October almost always. Each year we go to the Pumpkin Patch its burning up and honestly, I question why I forget about that aspect of it each year! The kids complain about the heat, we are sweating, and I start to wonder if it was a bad decision to come! Then I look back at our pictures from each year, and see the boys smiling, and one of my boys asks when we are going back, and I remember its worth it. 

Make Sure You Dress Appropriately For The Heat

If you’re planning for your kids to be all dolled up in fall clothes, be sure to bring them an extra pair of shorts and a cool shirt they can play in afterwards. OR, consider going with fall colors but summer clothes for photos so your kids won’t be as hot. 

Bring Lots of Cold Water

You can bring in water, so be sure to bring in some cold bottles or use insulated bottles for you and your children. 

Bring Lots of Wipes and Hand Sanitizer

The Pumpkin Patch is dusty (as should be expected at a farm) so make sure you’ve got hand sanitizer for yourself and the kiddos after they’ve been playing with pumpkins and in the dirt, and wipes to wipe anything down. This year they did have hand washing stations so you can also wash hands. 

If You Can, Bring Some Shade

There is not a lot of shade at Halls. I’d highly recommend If you have a parasol or sun umbrella bring it with you. If you have a kids wagon with a shaded canopy like a Keenz, I would recommend bringing that as well so that the kids have a little shade. We packed ours, but didn’t pull it out since our boys were running around a bit.      

If You want to Avoid Crowds, Consider a Friday Afternoon

If you have concerns about crowds or want to avoid them, consider lighter days. We went on a Friday afternoon right went they opened at 3pm and while there were a lot of people there, it was not extensively crowded and everyone was able to move around comfortably. 

Have a great time! Even if you feel in the midst of crazy town with your kids, know that these are memories and photos they will have a lifetime, it’s worth it mama!

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