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Front Porch Refresh

While our home was under construction, I was pregnant and busy working on my decorating ideas. I had “big taste and a little budget,” so I worked to see how many projects my husband and I could take on to decorate our home. 

I was constantly searching resale sites for old furniture and décor that could take on new life. One of my projects was our front porch. I had always envisioned having a front porch with red rocking chairs to sit on. I dreamed we would be sipping coffee or tea while watching our kids play in the front yard. Keep in mind that I was pregnant with my first at this time, so I had no fundamental concept of understanding that I would not be relaxing on the front porch with toddlers! 

I found some old wooden rocking chairs on Craig’s list for $40 each. Both were on opposite ends of town. I sent my husband on a wild goose chase to pick them up. He used bungee cords and rope to squeeze these rockers into our little Toyota Carolla, which at the time was the bigger of our two cars (he drove a two-seater sports car). 

He brought them home, sanded them down for me, and then did all the painting since we decided to use wood spray paint, and he didn’t want me to be exposed since I was pregnant. We loved how the chairs turned out and how they added a pop of color to our front porch. 

While we haven’t had a ton of time to sit out there, we have enjoyed having them and the character they’ve brought to our porch. However, after a few years, they began looking weathered – the sun had taken a toll on them, and honestly, I was just ready for a new look. 

As a part of my Front Door Facelift, I figured it was time to give our porch a refresh!

I love rocking chairs and wanted to keep the existing ones and repaint them, but when we looked at the time it would take with two young kids, it was just not possible. We also looked at having a local carpenter paint them – the price, however, was estimated higher than purchasing new chairs.

We decided to purchase new ones and find our red ones a new home where they could be loved again and brought back to life by someone that had the time. I sold them on Facebook Marketplace for $25 each.

New Rockers

Wanting a new color scheme, I kept going back and forth between natural woods and a different color to pop. I landed on these green rockers from Grandin Road because the green still gave us a lovely pop of color while creating a warm earthy feel. 

Accent Pieces 

I kept our existing side table which we had custom made, and added an earthy rug from Amazon. I then created a Flower Bucket to go on top of the table.

Adding Character

I still felt like something was missing, and then late one night, I finally got inspired for my favorite part of the porch now, which are these lanterns turned display cases. I ordered these planters from Wayfair and added heavy rock to the inside to keep them sturdy. I then got large polished nickel (grand 41.25’’ size) lanterns from Pottery Barn. My husband took L brackets and fused the lantern to the planters. 

I then took some green moss and hot glued it around the planters’ top where the lantern begins.

What I love most about these lanterns-turned-display-cases is that they allow me to celebrate every season with a new look. For Spring and particularly for Easter, I added these adorable bunnies and greenery. For summer, fall, and winter, I’ll be able to replace the bunnies with something different for each season. 

I love our new porch décor and how warm and inviting it looks every time I pull up to our home. If I’m honest, I haven’t sat out there as much as I’d like even now, but that’s okay because I know this is just our current season of life. It’s the time to get on my hands and knees in the driveway and color with chalk, blow bubbles, and play tag in the front yard. One day, however, I know my husband Demetrius and I will eventually be sitting on that porch, and when we do, we will be ready with our coffee and tea!

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    You are too good at this stuff!! Incredible Lizzy!

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