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Easy DIY Fall Wreath

authentically amber diy fall hydrangea floral wreath

While I’m a little sad to see summer go, I love the changing seasons. I feel like each season has something unique to appreciate and embrace. I love the heat of summer, coupled with pool time and seasonal fruits. I love the moderate temperatures of fall, pumpkin spice lattes, candy apples, Halloween, and Thanksgiving. My favorite is Christmas, but this post would be entirely too long if I talked about why. For now, let’s continue to talk about the beauty of fall as we transition into this season!

One of the things I enjoy doing is bringing in each season with freshening up my home decor. My boys are old enough now that it also excites them, and they help me decorate. Each time I ask my husband to dig my seasonal bins out of the attic, I’m always surprised and re-introduced to each accent piece.  

By far, one of my favorites is the simple and elegant fall wreath that we place on our front door. Hydrangeas are my favorite flower.  I enjoyed making this very simple wreath just a few years ago to celebrate my favorite flower and the fall season.

authentically amber diy fall hydrangea floral wreath

Here are the instructions on how you can make your very own hydrangea fall wreath:

Here are the 5 things you’ll need:

  1. 16’’ Floral Foam Wreath
authentically amber diy fall hydrangea floral wreath
  1. Hot Glue Gun
authentically amber diy fall hydrangea floral wreath
  1. Hot Glue Sticks
authentically amber diy fall hydrangea floral wreath
  1. 5.5’’ Burlap Ribbon
authentically amber diy fall hydrangea floral wreath
  1. 12-15 Silk Hydrangeas
authentically amber diy fall hydrangea floral wreath

*Be sure to work on a clean, covered surface (like a craft mat or poster board on top of a table)

Step 1. Heat your hot glue gun.

Step 2. Unroll your burlap ribbon and cut off three sections of 3ft each. Lay the burlap down on the hard surface and use your hot glue gun to gently squeeze hot glue on the finished edges, dabbing small drops in the middle. Quickly wrap the hot glue side of the 3ft section onto your foam wreath. Repeat the process until the entire wreath is covered. If you are using a white foam wreath, you shouldn’t need too many sections to wrap it. If, however, if you are using a green foam wreath, I recommend doubling up.

Step 3. Take a 12-inch piece of the burlap ribbon and tie it to your wreath’s top/back. If you have the gift or talent to create fancy bows, by all means, feel free to do something fancier. Unfortunately, I’m not blessed with that gift, so all I do is tie a simple knot then loop on the top back portion of the wreath to hang it on the wreath hook on the door.

Step 4. Cut or pull the hydrangea bulbs off of the plastic stems. Lay them in order based on the color pattern you want to do. You can even lay them out on the plain wreath before gluing them down to see if you like the color pattern. For mine, I started with red, then did ivory, orange, and brown color order. 

Step 5. Hot glue the thick plastic stem remaining from cutting the bulb down to the wreath. Once that element has adhered, you can then hot glue the individual stems on the hydrangea’s most outer layer and attach them to the wreath. Repeat the process until all hydrangeas have been added, and the wreath looks full. I try to bunch mine together a bit so that the wreath looks even fuller. 

Allow 24 hours to dry thoroughly and then hang.

Have you got any questions? Please leave me a comment below or use my contact page to send me a question or comment about this post. 

If you’ve used this post to create your wreath, I’d love to hear about it! Be sure to tag me on IG @authenticallyamberblog with your completed creation. I’d love to see it!

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