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DIY Outdoor Flower Decor

I made this simple floral bucket bouquet in less than an hour. I needed something to accent my side table on the front porch and really couldn’t find anything I liked. I had been searching for a few weeks when I came across the perfect pre-made arrangement in the craft store. I turned it over and saw the $60 price tag on the bottom and set it right back down! While it was over my budget, it did do a great job of inspiring me to create my own for less than half the price. 

Here are the supplies I used:

Metal Bucket – $5.99 

Krylon Khaki Spray Paint – $3.98

Silk Flowers of Your Choice – Here’s what I used (price is based on 50% off sale):

Styrofoam Disc – $5.99

5-6 heavy Rocks -I purchased a big bag of landscape rock from Home Depot for $11 for several different projects. If you just need enough rock for this project, see if you can collect a few outdoors, or get 2 small bags from Dollar Tree

Check out my short video which explains how I created this simple accent piece for my front porch:

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