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DIY Couples Halloween Costume
Carmen Jones & Joe

authentically amber diy halloween couples costumes carmen jones and joe

I’m a major costume buff. Even before Demetrius and I had kids, he was subjected to my costumes! 

Our first year being married, we had just moved to Dallas and didn’t know very many people. I wasn’t sure if we would find anything to do, but I was determined to find something so we could dress up!

We didn’t have very much money after packing up our lives and moving from Chicago to Texas, and we were saving to open our clinic, so funds were limited, but since this was before we had kids, I had the time to be very creative!

I’ve always loved Carmen Jones. As a child, I remember watching the film hundreds of times with my mom at AMC and then as a teenager having her take me to see the comparable Porgy & Bess from the same era.  

Being a Veteran Marine, my husband gave me the perfect opportunity to re-live the movie I had grown up seeing as a child and pay homage to Dorothy Dandridge.

Here’s all you’ll need for this straightforward costume: 


A Red Pencil Skirt. 

The exact one I purchased a few years ago is no longer available on Amazon, but I found this similar one for $20 that will work just as well.

Red Pencil Skirt

A Black Top.

I used one that I already had, but here are a couple of options if you don’t already have one that will work for the costume:

Cross Wrap Black Top  

Cap Sleeve Black Top 


So when I first planned on doing this costume, my original plan was to pin-curl my hair and then stick a rose in it. As I was researching tons of options for pin curling my hair, I found that it would be a very tedious task since I had so much hair, so I found it easier to buy a wig and hot glue one red rose into it.

If you have the skill and can pin curl your hair, I would recommend pinning and then placing a single red rose in your hair and clipping it down with a bobby pin.

If you are like me, you can find a similar wig for relatively cheap at your local beauty supply store, or use this one for $18.99.

Black Wig (use it without the bow, of course!)

Go to Dollar Tree and buy an artificial red rose. Cut it down to the base and then glue it into the wig. 


I wore black strappy heeled sandals that I already had. If you have a pair, I encourage you to wear the ones you have to save money on the costume’s overall cost. If not, here is a pair for under $20 that look similar to those I wore.  

Black Strappy Heels


I’ll be honest, with my husband being a veteran, the attractiveness of using his old uniform for FREE was very appealing. If your Joe isn’t a Marine Corp Veteran or can’t fit into that old uniform, here’s a budget friendly one for under $35 for the entire uniform.  

Soldier Uniform

There you have it! Very simple and easy couples costume that’s sure to be a hit! If you’re all about nostalgia like I am, play the soundtrack from Carmen Jones while you get dressed to transform yourself into Carmen! 

If you try this costume, I would love to know how it turned out! Please tag me in your costume post on Instagram! @authenticallyamberblog

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