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Brochella Birthday Festival
Creating a Covid-Safe Kids Birthday Bash

authentically amber covid safe brochella or carnival coachella themed kids birthday party

2020 has been the year of canceled plans and postponed events and drive-by birthdays. I expected that my boy’s birthdays, precisely 20 days apart in November, would be no different. Then, of course, I started getting 2 am ideas that crept into my head and wouldn’t let me sleep.

At first, I thought about how fun street festivals used to be (pre-covid) and how cute it would be to have mini booths for kids that they could walk up to individually for a game or prize. The more and more I thought about it, the more it began sounding like a carnival, but I’ll be honest, I wasn’t thrilled about a carnival-themed party.  

Then one night, while I was scrolling online, I saw that Coachella 2020 was canceled. As a southern California native, Coachella is such an iconic festival, so it saddened my heart. Then, I got my idea! Instead of “Coachella,” what would be more fun than a “BROchella” for brothers having a covid-safe festival on our cul-de-sac?

Once the wheels started turning, they didn’t stop! Here’s a look at all of the details as well as the vendors I used. I created a Covid-safe street festival for my boys 2nd and 4th birthdays with a Coachella vibe:


I’m a firm believer that invitations set the stage for your event. I reached out to Dana at Paper & Ink Design Co. to design a custom Brochella invitation with iconic palm trees and a ferris wheel from Coachella

Next, my husband and I took the boys into the backyard and got them to do a couple of “cool” photos against our cedar wall in the back (you can also replicate this style with a cedar fence).

I added the photo to the invitation that Dana designed and ordered physical copies from Simply to Impress

Covid Safe Invitation Details

In today’s environment, it’s important to provide guests with details in advance of how to make any event safe and germ-free. On the back of the invitation, I included requests such as all adults wear masks; if you have been sick or exposed to anyone sick, please stay home. 

Event Staff

I rallied my family and sweet neighbors to help me bring this event to life! I worked with A Lil Bit of Glitz on custom Brochella T-shirts that identified on the back “crew, security, or artist.” Then I ordered custom Brochella masks from Private Island Party so that there were safety and uniformity.

I have some of the best neighbors around, and I asked each family if they were okay with us taking over the cul-de-sac for the boy’s party, and they unanimously agreed.  

Brochella Activity Booths

I wanted to create stations that were far enough apart that they would only have one family at a time. My booths were roughly 12ft apart spread throughout our cul-de-sac. We had the following activities:

Balloon Design Creator

I reached out to Ron Shover from Balloon Insanity to create custom balloons for all of the kiddos. Each child could go up to Ron, who wore a face mask, and request a balloon design. The designs ranged from anything the kids could think of, from swords to dinosaurs to tulips!

Caricature Artist

Next, we were able to get Sam, a local artist in Dallas, to draw each of the kids’ caricatures. One of the things I was impressed by Sam was how fast he could do his creations. This was a big question for me because I didn’t want the booth to be backlogged. He was able to draw each child or family in a matter of 2-3 minutes. Most families chose to have their drawings with their kids, which I thought was a nice touch.


As a safe “germ-free” game, we decided to do “Pick a pop” each lollipop was in an individual slot. Each child was able to select just one lollipop that they touched. If the lollipop had red writing on the stick, they received a prize. If not, then the lollipop was their prize. Either way, whichever lollipop the kids touched was theirs to take.

Go-Fish for Gold Fish

This was one of the most fun and funniest booths we had. We had 12 live goldfish in bowls and the children each got a chance to throw three ping pong sized balls towards the bowl. If you got your ball in the bowl, then you won the fish! To keep this game clean and germ free, each child was given their bag of 3 ping pong balls so that they were the only ones touching their set of balls. The game attendant wore gloves and removed any of the balls left on the table from the previous player. To make parents more at ease, since I know all wouldn’t necessarily want a gold fish’s responsibility, we had alternate prizes and a “code word.” The code word matched the party theme if they shouted the “code word” once their child won, their child was offered an alternate prize. Since the kids were nearly almost all five and under, it was pretty easy to communicate the code word to parents with these cards they received upon arrival at the check in booth.

Musical Entertainment

What Brochella festival would be complete without musical entertainment? I wasn’t sure if I should hire a kid-appropriate DJ or play music from a sound system, but then I remembered a fantastic child entertainer who used to be at Deuce school every Friday. His name was Mister David, and Deuce LOVED Mister David. I recall a massive meltdown one day when my husband didn’t realize Mister David was playing, and he attempted to pick Deuce up early. This man is truly talented with kids, and he did an excellent job keeping the whole cul-de-sac entertained with songs on his acoustic guitar, puppets, and kid friendly dance hits. 

The Food

We had two booths set up as “take to go” options catered by Cakes and Creations by Camille so that parents could grab them for their kids and they could eat them at home.

The Cupcakery was our cupcake booth complete with a cupcake Ferris wheel and frosted rainbow cupcakes, all designed by Cakes and Creations

For the lunches, I struggled with what would be the best option. Camille helped me come up with ideas that would work well for the pickiest of eaters. 

We did white lunch boxes that I added the Brochella logo to, and inside, each child received individually packaged Chick-Fil-A nuggets, Fruit Kabobs, Chips, a Yogurt Tube, and a juice box. 

Kiddie Ferris Wheel

As the kids walked to the end of the cul-de-sac, the grand finale was a kid-sized Ferris wheel. This was a huge hit and all the kids (especially my birthday boys) took multiple rides. I used Clown Around Party Rental and was surprised how easy it was. I was a little concerned that it would take up a lot of space or be a challenging install, but their Kiddie Ferris Wheel was the absolute perfect size, and the kids had a blast.

Overall, I’m so very thankful that I had the opportunity to do this for not only my boys but for so many children who were able to enjoy the event safely and have a good time. While 2020 has had many negatives, it has also forced me to stretch my creativity in ways I never imagined, and I doubt I would’ve come up with this idea otherwise.  

What’s one fun thing you’ve had the opportunity to do with your kids this year?  

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